The Carrie Diaries + the rainbow (requested by amberushgron)

"Here’s the thing. Whatever you least want to write about, whatever scares you the most that’s what you have to write about. That’s the good stuff. Truly great writers can’t stand a safe place." - Adam Weaver

get to know me meme - [3/5] favorite tv shows: "The Carrie Diaries"

One day I’m gonna see your byline in some magazine or a newspaper and I’m gonna think I was lucky enough to love that girl.”

Carrie Bradshaw + Favorite Outfits

Anonymous: "your blog is so lovely! you guys are like the only tcd blog still going so thank you bc i love this show so much im just sad it got cancelled :("

thank you sweetheart! yeah i think we are, but i know there’s other blogs that make edits/gifs for tcd still but arent fully tcd blogs. we love the show to much to forget this blog, so as long as you guys are still here with us, we will be here as well :)

sometimes you have to   f a k e   it to make it.

                    after all what’s fake   b e c o m e s    t r u e.